We carefully select data that gives you the greatest insight into your current and potential customers. The result is a unique view of customers, what they purchase, where they live, their propensity to switch – and more.





Get a multi-dimensional profile of Australian households in a specified geographical area: Know more about the occupants, their relationship with each other, household income, employment, purchasing preferences and more.

Motor vehicle profile

It’s easy to find out how many cars are on the road, the make, year of manufacture, model, their insurer or how often families buy new cars. But it’s hard to know who’s driving them – Defin’d does.



Media habits

Get a rich understanding of your customer’s media habits. Our strategic data partnership with Nielsen means that you’ll gain a multi-dimensional view of your customer’s media consumption.

Future purchasing behaviours

Targeting the right customers at the right time doesn’t have to seem like a magic mix. For each household, defin’d can delve into potential purchases.


Multiple data sources

Defin’d uses multiple data sources carefully selected to enhance your pre-existing data. Based on your needs, the Defin’d team can seamlessly join separate datasets you have selected together for richer insights, customised for your brand and industry vertical. The opportunities are endless.


Defin’d data goes further still.


How is it different to other solutions?

Unlike other big data solutions in the market, Defin’d data represents the entire Australian population and the area they live in to give you a complete and current representation of all Australian households.

We not only provide the unique data, along with market-leading analytics tailored to your business, we provide an end-to-end consulting service with real data experts.

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